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AnnaPlayBoy’s Private Session Review

Private Session

AnnaPlayBoy’s Private Session is a sample library of world-class Soul and R&B samples, including strings, guitars, Rhodes, pianos and bass. Written and produced by Billboard-charting R&B producer Dylan Graham, it’s loaded with top-quality samples that are key and BPM labelled and formatted as 24-bit WAV files. The samples have also been master-cleared, and are ready to be used in your DAW and samplers. The Private Session can be used for your own music as well as for those who want to make sure that their music is not included in Spotify Wrapped, a year-end review which is shared on social media by subscribers.


AnnaPlayBoy enjoys performing for fans who pay to see her bare all. She loves to take off her clothes in front of strangers around the world. Her sexy show has received over a hundred thousand views, and she is still a fan favorite. See for yourself by watching her show! You’re sure to be hooked. It’s a great way to spend your lunch break. And she’s only $2.99 a minute so you can do it whenever you want!